Typography is a key element in conveying our brand's personality and delivering a clear message. Here, we will explore our carefully selected typefaces, font sizes, and spacing guidelines. By adhering to our typography guidelines, we ensure consistency and coherence across all digital textual elements, creating a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

Type stack

The sans serif “Poppins” serves as the primary font for LeadDesk, embodying our brand’s visual identity with its modern and versatile characteristics.
Download Poppins | Download Roboto Mono | Download Material Icons

Type scale

LeadDesk’s website incorporates a range of font weights, styles, and sizes tailored for optimal readability and visual appeal across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Colour in typography

The colours used in typography are carefully chosen to ensure optimal legibility and visual harmony within the LeadDesk brand.

Deep blue


RGB: 15,11,53

Headings, button, overline

Shadow blue


RGB: 81,75,105

Paragraph, caption, chips

Screen Blue



Links, Navigation active



RGB: 255,255,255

When contrast allows

Pairing examples

We provide examples on how to effectively pair typography to create visually appealing and cohesive combinations within the LeadDesk brand guidelines.